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The Back Yard of Atwater (L.A., CA)

Around 1952, It was a cute horse too!

Franklin Panthers Varsity

They didn't have my number 76 ready yet. Guess they still had to get it from the other guy. 1st week of the season. This jersey isn't even the colors of our school. I loved that arm guard. My brother always told me if I played football I get the chicks. Boy, was he wrong. Those days had past.

True Franklin High School "Panther" pose

This looks more like a vaudville pose that a mean football action pose. Or maybe I'm doing a dance move somewhere between the Hully Gully and the Twist. John F. Kennedy was dead and the Anti War era is around the corner. Learning to play sports in a 'team' sport was invaluable.

Finally . . . . . . Graduation

We used the ampitheater at Ocidental College Eagle Rock, (L.A., CA). I was a confused High School kid. My senior year I ran for Class President. I lost. I did win a "Bennie" popularity award. Probably because I organized a successful "sports night" with a battle of the bands. One band was called "Boy and the Innocents."

Pat Boone Car Wash

1966 I was 17 yrs old. Worked in Burbank and rode a Yamaha 80cc motorcycle to work at Pat Boone Car Wash. One of the first ever coin opperated Car Wash businesses. Pat Boone showed up opening day in his patened "white shoes" driving a Cadillac. Remember the song "Moon River"?

Safari Hunter (approx 18 yrs old)

1967, Who did I think I was. I probably got that jacket in a War Surplus Store. Our back yard in Glassel Park (L.A., CA). Every Fri and Sat night I used to go to the Hullabalu from 1am-6am (no booze). Saw the Doors, Love, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Blue Cheer, 3 Dog Night, and many many more. Admission $2.

The Band Mudd and Pinnacle Prods.

1967 I was 18-19 forming a band called Mudd. Going to Los Angeles Valley Jr. College in Van Nuys. Worked part time for Pinnacle Productions. (the poster behind me). Mudd played "hootenanny" night at the Troubadour. The musicians were song writer/guitarist Dale Frank, Vocalists Mark Whaley and Tracie Sincque, basist Scott Gorham (Later a member of Thin Lizzy), Drummer Ray DiBacco, and lead guitarist ________ (died in a motocycle accident)

The Western Man

1969-1970 I was living in Sagus, CA. I was walking down the street in Newhall, CA and a local photographer with a studio on the main drag came out and asked, "hey, can I take your picture for free?" I went inside, sat down, took off my western hat, and the rest is history.

New Zealand Shore

In 1984 I took my girl friend Laurie Kalis to New Zealand and Austrailia and Hawaii for 3 weeks.

Can People Change?

We all grow up eventually.

  family HISTORY

The Stapleman Family

My mother with the bow was born on the farm in Callaway, NE. This picture was taken before the birth of my aunt Juanita. Donald, a child out of wedlock is standing behind everyone. My Mother's Father (John) raised Donald as if he were his own. They are all in their 40s now and have their own children.

Mom's Siblings

Standing left to right, my Mom, Madeline Gwendolyn Stapleman, Virgil, Donald, and Juanita.

Grandma Gerdy

Seated is my Grandma Whaley (Nancel). Gertrude Whaley (Nancel).

The Whaley Family and In-Laws

A small gathering. Grandma Gerdy had 13 children. Only a proiton could show up at any given time.

The Whaley Mafia

The only comparison between a mafia and this family is the old car in the background the fact that this photo is of all the males. The Whaleys has a funny knack for giving multiple names to the siblings. Norris, my Father, was nicknamed Mutts sometimes and/or Siley ( possibly from the word Silege) other times..

The Whaley Farm

This photo is used as the photo for the famous Whaley Calendar with everyones historic dates on it. The calendar has all the in-laws important dates also. Dates like Births, Anniversarys, Deaths, etc.

Unknown Whaley farm photo

Still looking for information on this one.

Dad and Mom

Norris Elwood Whaley and Madeline Gwendolyn Whaley (Stapleman) were my mom and dad. They had me when mom was about 35 yrs. old. I was the only one not born on the farm in my nuclear family.

The Whaley Offspring

I love this photo. These are my nephews and nieces. all offspring of my Sisters Sharon Dee Whaley and Juana Carol Whaley and my Brother Brent Lee Whaley

  Our Marriage, March 8, 1998

Rabbi Eitan Opens the Celebration of Marriage

Rabbi Eitan Yardeni opens the wedding with the Kabbalistic meaning of marriage as, "the union of two souls." I was in a daze because I had never been married before and here I am in a wedding at the age of 49 yrs. old. Yes, I did ask for Geri's hand from her father months before the wedding. Luckily he said yes

Frank O'Connor Gave the Bride Away

Francis O'Connor, better known as Frank or "Forfy" to his immediate family, gave his daughter away the day of the wedding. "Forfy" stands for Grand Forefather because his grandson Jim was unable to say Grandfather when Jimmy was young.

The Beautiful Bride

Geri looks marvelous, beaming and ready for her soulmate. Geri prayed and investigated fastidiously for the appropriate date to have a wedding. After a 3 month whirlwind dating cycle Mark proposed to Geri. She chose March 8th, a very spiritually charged day for that time of year.

Juana Conrad Officiates the Wedding

Juana Conrad, member of the National Spritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States, presides over the wedding. Mark and Geri had a Baha'i Wedding before they had declared themselves to be Baha'is. At this time during the wedding Geri and I read to each other our vows. We also recited the Baha'i vow which is "We will all, verily, abide by the Will of God."

The O'Connor Side of the Wedding

Left to Right - Janet Billiet (niece), Barbara Hynes (sister), Frank O'Connor (father of the bride), Geri and Mark Whaley, Jim Darcy (nephew), Frank Hynes (brother in law), Carol Hynes (niece), Uncle Ernie

The Wedding Party

Susan Parlin, Barbara Hynes (maid of honor), Geri and Mark Whaley, Brent Whaley Jr. (best man), His Honor, Judge Michael Kurz

The Whaley Clan

Back row (left to Right) - Sam Conrad, Joe Gentille, Juana Conrad, Hunter Endicott, Jason Conrad, Cheryl Conrad, Larry Kilgore. Center Row Sharon Whaley, Audrey Gentille, Chris Kilgore. Front Row Stacey Endicott, Brent Whaley, Pam Whaley, Geri and Mark Whaley, Madeline Whaley, Sherry Kilgore, Karen _____. Children Kate Lynn, Stephen Whaley.

   One of my Jimi Hendrix Experiences

Eric Burdon of the Animals

Super Jam is going down at Newport 69 (the largest Rock Festival of it's time held at Devonshire Downs in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. It's really hot and humid in the Summer of 1969. The stage is covered with Rock Stars of all the famous band that attended.

Super Groupie

In 1969 stage security was virtually non-existant. A groupie got on stage, no one knew who she was. She grabbed a mike and started jamming vocally with the Super Stars (Especially Eric Burdon and Jimi Hendrix).

Stage Manager Mark Whaley (background)

Super Stars in a Super Jam played for free so they wanted to have all their friends on stage. The stage was swaying. Equipment was moving too. I show up to get people back from the amplifiers so they wouldn't fall. The groupie mikes Jimi's guitar.

Super Groupie makes a move for Jimi

I'm looking down stage worried about the stage and equipment. The groupie is screaming and moving closer to Jimi Hendrix.

Groupie Gets Kinky!

Now the groupie is using the mike to represent her deepest desires of Jimi. I'm still very occupied about the lack of stage security. On the right is the saxist for Rare Earth.

Eric Burdon Can't Take Any More

Eric Burdon runs over to her side of the stage and grabs her after Brian (the guy with the hat) trys to remove her from the stage. I'm right behind Jimi Hendrix realizing something wild is going down.

Mark Whaley Returns

I return to find a crud Cirque du Soliel going on. It cracks me up. The 75,000 plus audience and the friends of the performers are going wild as Eric Burdon carriers around like a trophy on his back.

Eric Burdon Spins Back

I've gone again to another section of the stage to settle things down. Jimi returns in the shot now that Eric has elevated the Groupie.

Jimi Hendrix is bored

Acutally Jimi is concentrating on the Jam. It was free flowing and inter-stellar music. Totally spontaneous. After this shot Eric Burdon lowers her to the stage and Jimi sees his oportunity.

Jimi Hendrix Humps the Mass of Bodies

Jimi is now doing the classic Grinding Guitar moves. He has stradled the pile of bodies and is moving his hips while wailing on his guitar and bending the joy stick causing classic Hendrix sounds. The bodily movements of Jimi along with the sound of his guitar jamming is out of this world. I can't believe what I'm seeing and forget completly about the stage.

Jimi Hendrix Dismounts

With an incredible gymnastic move Jimi spins on one leg while forcing the guitar to make sounds never heard previously on earth. He never lost a beat. I realize I've witnessed history. After Newport 69 Pop Festival I worked at the Woodstock Pop Festival. 500,000 peace lovers. After Woodstock came the Dallas International Pop Festival.


  Jasmine & The L.A. Burgers


The Jasmine was a fusion band in Los Angeles frorm a few years. One year they played Doug Weston's Troubadour practically every other week for a complete year. From left to right is Guitarist Dave (The Wave) Neilsen, Keyboardist Matt Davis, Vocalist and Percussionist Roddy Timbrook (Rodriguez), 9-String Bassist Gary Goodman and Drummer David (Footer) Demeter.

The Original Jasmine

Left to right Matt Davis, David Demeter, Kenny Jones (bass), and David Neilsen.

David Demeter "The Footer"

David was drummer for both Jasmine and the L.A. Burgers and a band I managed for quite a while called Champion.


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