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   May I suggest some of my favorite web sites. 

For a quick description of the links following please see the descriptive paragraphs below the list of links.

Video of Mark Whaley with Jimi Hendrix at Newport 69

Geri O. Whaley, PhD, Therapist and Life Coach

The Bahá'ís of Sedona Web Site

The Bahá'í Faith

David Demeter's Drum Lab

David Wilcox's Long Beach Ballet

Steven Moses - Director of Photography

Tri-West Timeshares

Platinum Interchange

Sedona Monthly




  A brief description of the links above are given below this line

  • Video of Mark Whaley with Jimi Hendrix at Newport '69
    • This video of Mark Whaley was found on YouTube.  It is over 6 min's long.  After the intro you will see Mark emerge from behind Jimi Hendrix on stage.  Mark Whaley (20 yrs old) was Stage Manager of the concert held at Devonshire Downs in California.  The Fender Amps used by Jimi and everyone else were on loan from CBS Fender and were teetering on stage because the members of the Super Jam who were performing demanded that all there entourage to be allowed on stage.  Too much weight equaled teetering of the actual stage, thus the need for stage hands in sight center stage.
  • Geri O. Whaley, PhD, Therapist and Life Coach
    • Licensed in both Arizona and California specializing in reaching your goals.  After working for a top personal growth seminar company she then went on to earn her PhD in Family and Child Therapy.  Focused on experiential workshops, group therapy, and one-on-one private sessions with an emphasis on including spirituality.
  • The Bahá'ís of Sedona, AZ
    • A local Web Site representing the community of Sedona, Arizona and the beautiful, cute little members of Sedona area.
  • The Bahá'í Faith
    • A Bahá'í believes, there is and has always has been throughout all time, one (1) God.  During the history of mankind on earth the one and same God has sent His spiritual and social messages to mankind through Manifestations of God such as Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Mohammad, and Bahá'u'lláh.  Since there is only one God these Manifestations of God all represent one religion.  "God's Religion" always has the same spiritual message and as time passes there come a need for updated social messages as mans capacity to understand increases.  Thus the necessity to send new manifestations.   Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahá'í Faith were all named by man but created by the same God.  Therefore, there is really only one religion, one mankind, one earth and one God.  A great premise for world peace.  For more information you can click on the link leading into this paragraph or click here.
  • David Demeter's "The Drum Lab"
    • David Demeter is a creative man.  I managed David Demeter starting when he was 15 yrs. old.  A band named Champion needed a drummer.  A friend named Bill Stout recommended David "Footer" Demeter.  Once procuring David a Tutor so he could tour with the band his parents allowed him to move into the band's house.
  • Long Beach Ballet
    • David Wilcox is the Director of this non-profit Ballet School.  David Wilcox is my hero.  I say this because of the level of his own personal growth.  If he were tested I am sure he'll come out to be Genius level.  His ballet productions will give you goose bumps.
  • Steven Moses - Director of Photography
    • Incredible slow motion, close ups, and still photography for high end commercial and advertising needs.  A friend of mine from the men's team Swollen Members.
  • Tri-West Timeshares 
    • I worked at Tri-West Timeshare for 3.5 years.  I find the ethics and morals of the owner Mario Collura to be the highest.  Most timeshare owners pay retail prices for there timeshare and have no idea what they purchased.  Because the common timeshare owner never takes the time to figure out what they own and how to easily use it they end up putting their vacation property on the "re-sale" market.  The market is now influenced by the over abundance of properties for sale.  Too many sellers and not enough buyers causes prices to fall and creates great buys.  Sometimes 50% to 80% discount off the retail prices are readily available.  The most common "re-sale" timeshare purchaser is a happy and savvy timeshare owner who has figured out the system and uses the system to their advantage.  Feel free to call or email Tri-West Timeshares to ask any question about your timeshare or about other timeshares in areas you are interested in and at prices that'll blow you away.
  • Platinum Interchange
    • Platinum Interchange is an exchange company for timeshares that does not charge a fee to join and very low fees to exchange your timeshare either domestically or internationally.  I have never used Resort Condominiums International (RCI) or Interval International (II) because I never have had to.  Platinum has always come through for me and my vacation needs.  They'll even fax you or email you their inventory list so you know what that have and do not have at any given time.
  • Sedona Monthly
    • Besides the photos I have on this web site I love the pictures on Sedona Monthly Magazine.  I even have photos of Sedona posted on their website.
  • Geeks
    • is a web site where I have purchased over 10 computers and many other techno products at great prices.  Many of the products I purchased were refurbished and have served me and my friends for year after year. 






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